Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Can't even be bothered

I've not blogged for a while, I know. Whoever thought that the 9-5 treadmill could be so tiring that people can't be bothered to switch on their computers and blog for a couple of pars?!

The current job is draining me a bit, but a chat with a friend of mine inspired me to blog tonight. My friend's right, work shouldn't leave anyone so tired they can't be bothered to do something they enjoy. And I enjoy blogging, even though most of it is irrelevant witterings, mostly about food.

The 'can't even be bothered' title of this blog is inspired by the Charlatans' song of the same name. Many people forget they were around before the Britpop phenomenon - this particular song is from their second studio album, 'Between 10th and 11th, released in 1992. (er, I wasn't even in my teens then. I was into double figures though.) I sometimes mentally sing this song to myself when my boss gives me grief. Whatever works eh?

Incidentally, I've been chatting to a friend about going to see the Charlatans on their latest tour. I've already got my tickets and I'm really looking forward to it, but I really wish they weren't playing the academy - the layout is so poor in the ones I've been in and although they seem to have 20 staff behind the bar, it still takes a dog's age to get served. And they stink! (the academies that is, not the bar staff!)