Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Not blogged for a while ...

I started this blog because I needed an outlet to vent the frustration I felt in my current job. But it never really turned into that, and I'm not so frustrated as I used to be.

However, I've been concentrating so much on finding alternative employment that I've rather shamefully neglected this blog. I intend to fix that, as soon as I figure out what's wrong with my account. During the neglection, something happened which makes it very difficult for me to access the account! Argh. Have spent past fifteen mins trying to reset passwords, usernames etc and am finally in. Will try to fix blog so that I don't have this trouble every time. That would be annoying.

I've been writing about the doom and gloom of the credit crunch at work. The theme continued into my lunch hour, when I sat down with colleagues and discussed ways to be frugal. The outcome? Avoid brand name tinned tuna at all costs, and instead opt for supermarket bargain basement version. There you go. The Northcountrylass tip to surviving the credit crunch.